We think of ourselves as EdTech innovators. What makes us different from other EdTech partners is our keen awareness of the unique challenges faced by schools, school districts, and state agencies—where flexibility, stakeholder engagement, and sensitivity are paramount in seeing projects all the way through.

Not surprisingly, many of our projects are undertaken with like-minded thought leaders in education and educational technology. So, first and foremost, our approach to each project is to seek the best ways to build the future into the solution—both in terms of technology and strategy. Every project includes extensive discovery, a time when we get to know the culture, language, and needs of our client. We develop in collaborative teams, seeking input and providing guidance in equal measure as we recommend solutions and test prototypes. Our deep understanding of technology means that when it comes time to go live, our solutions are ready to ramp up quickly, no matter what the requirements.

DISCOVERY - Get to know you, your culture, your needs.  DEVELOPMENT - Collaborate to design, prototype, and build buy-in.  IMPLEMENT - Go live with robust, proven solutions that are future facing.