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As an initiative to prepare more students for careers in the sciences, technology, engineering, or math, STEM plays a key role in helping schools meet national goals for improving the professional workforce. As a technology company, we share many of these goals, so finding ways to help states, districts, schools, teachers, and the business community meet and exceed STEM targets and aspirations comes naturally to us.

No.Inc STEM-related solutions help students match their unique talents, interests, and aptitudes to potential paths in STEM fields. Our technology is also at work helping schools and teachers connect with STEM professionals and bring their industry expertise into the classroom.

We focus on each unique user base to understand its specific needs and expectations. We design with the end user in mind.

No.Inc’s STEM Solutions:

Pathevo LogoSTEM Career Planning Tool


STEMnet Logo

Maryland’s STEM Innovation Network


BeWhatIWantToBe.com LogoMaryland Business Roundtable for Education


Bone Ninja LogoOrthopedic Analysis and Deformity Correction Teaching Tool
Bone Ninja


Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History LogoGeologic Timeline Interactive
The Story of a Changing Earth