No.Inc partnered with Sinai Hospital and the Rubin Institute of Advanced Orthopedics to create a mobile app to train orthopedic surgeons on procedures for correcting bone deformity.

The old teaching method still uses paper cutouts, scotch tape, and pencils. Expensive desktop-only versions are not viable for learning environments or planning when the user is away from a computer.

The app, Bone Ninja, comes with several lessons that can be used to train doctors. More lessons can be added and downloaded to the app. Users can capture x-rays and other images and import them into the app. After an image is imported, a calibration tool can be used on the x-ray to ensure that bone lengths are measured accurately. It also allows doctors to learn treatment strategies by measuring angles and simulating how to correct “crooked” bones on x-rays.

The Challenges

  • Ensure accuracy
  • Build in performance and usability

Our Approach

  • Hold planning sessions with doctors and medical illustrators
  • Build upon current traditional and digital planning methods

The Results

  • Widely used by orthopedic surgeons around the world
  • Application extended to such areas as clinical evaluation of clubfoot


Screenshot of Bone Ninja App Bone Ninja Logo