Stopwatch IconNo.Inc works at the leading edge of information technology and Web-based platforms. As a technology innovator, we continuously assess and improve our solutions based on industry best practices and performance improvements. Our proven processes, refined over more than a decade in projects for schools, school districts, state education agencies, and nonprofit organizations across the country, are designed to take advantage of powerful data collection, analysis, and reporting. That way, you can focus on getting results while we focus on helping you track and report progress.

Our experience working with big data to crunch student performance metrics, track accountability, and report to stakeholders includes the creation of business intelligence reporting systems, data visualization outputs, and data dissemination platforms. Our solutions are cloud based and on-demand. Every project we design includes some combination of workflow support analytics, dashboards, alerts, canned reporting, ad hoc reporting, performance metrics, finalized program reporting, grant evaluation reporting, business intelligence reporting, or data visualization and presentations.