Since 2000, No.Inc has worked at the leading edge of custom software development for educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. Schools, school systems, and education agencies across the country seek our expertise and our proven technologies to help them redefine the power of data management, tracking, and reporting in educational excellence. Built on processes that emphasize quality, user experiences designed by research and performing at enterprise-scale, No.Inc today is helping set the standard for future-facing educational technology solutions that are friendly and fast.

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Our long involvement in the education industry has given us the experience to know what works and what doesn’t for early learners, students with special needs, teachers, administrators, parents, and education agencies, but we don’t take anything for granted.

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Our experience working with big data to crunch student performance metrics, track accountability, and report to stakeholders includes the creation of business intelligence reporting systems, data visualization outputs, and data dissemination platforms.

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  • Solution: Kindergarten Readiness Assessment
    Kindergarten Entry Assessment in Maryland and OhioKindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA)
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  • Solution: Early Learning Assessment
    Formative Assessment for Early Care & Education in Maryland and OhioEarly Learning Assessment
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  • Solution: Student Compass
    Special Education Progress MonitoringStudent Compass
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  • Solution: Digital Portfolio
    Portfolio Based AssessmentSpecial Education Transition Portfolio
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  • Solution: Bone Ninja
    Orthopedic Analysis and Deformity Correction Teaching ToolBone Ninja
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  • Solution: Geologic Timeline Interactive
    Geologic Timeline InteractiveThe Story of a Changing Earth
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  • Solution: Pathevo
    STEM Career Planning ToolPathevo
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  • Solution: STEMnet
    Maryland's STEM Innovation NetworkSTEMNet
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  • Solution: Electronic Learning Community
    Professional Development Learning PlatformElectronic Learning Community (ELC)
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  • Solution: Classroom Scenario Simulator
    Customizable Professional Development Assessment ToolCTE Classroom Scenario Simulator
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  • Solution: Teacher Compass
    Teacher Observation and Evaluation ToolTeacher Compass
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  • Solution:
    Maryland Business Roundtable for EducationCareer Planning Website
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