Solution: Student Compass

Special Education Progress MonitoringStudent Compass

No.Inc partnered with Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Technology in Education to create the user interface design for a learner-centric progress monitoring system that integrates with the state’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) system, Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) system, Child Outcomes Summary (COS) system, and Special Services Information System (SSIS). This instructional support tool allows teachers, case managers, and service providers to view and track the student’s learning data from all of the integrated systems in one place. The most powerful feature of the tool is its ability to allow users to map student goals with curriculum, services, and interventions, and log progress on a timeline against a measurable target date and level of progress.

The Challenges

  • Support several user groups with varying goals and tasks
  • Make it easy enough to minimize significant classroom training
  • Accommodate advanced and beginner users equally

Our Approach

  • Use case and task flow development
  • Wireframe prototyping and design
  • Develop high-fidelity prototype and design
  • Build in user flexibility to accommodate experienced and new users

The Results

  • Sleek, modern, and thoroughly professional UI design
  • Wide adoption and plans to grow the tool


Screenshot of Student Compass Screenshot of Student Compass Screenshot of Student Compass