Solution: STEMnet

Maryland’s STEM Innovation NetworkSTEMNet

No.Inc partnered with the Maryland Business Roundtable to redesign its STEMnet website that connects teachers in the classroom with professionals in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Serving as a meeting place for educators and professionals, STEMnet users schedule experienced professionals into classes with students so they can see firsthand the connection between classroom subjects and real world STEM careers. Redesigning the site and workflows provided easier access to resources, reports, and professional connections. On the administrative side, we created several reporting tools that facilitate monitoring activities and status of speakers in classrooms.

The Challenges

  • Support multiple program types and workflows within the same onboarding and reporting framework
  • Optimize an older Drupal theme
  • Add and change features of an active system

Our Approach

  • Establish clear goals
  • Focus on key interfaces for improvements
  • Optimize code and UI wherever possible

The Results

  • Improved speed and performance
  • Better user tracking and reporting
  • Site enhancements


Screenshot of STEMnet

Solution: Electronic Learning Community

Professional Development Learning PlatformElectronic Learning Community (ELC)

No.Inc partnered with Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Technology in Education to expand and redevelop its innovative Electronic Learning Community (ELC).  Originally envisioned as a community platform for educators, the system evolved into a full Learning Management System for higher education and professional development. Instructional designers are able to create a collection of courses, interactive experiences, assessments, and resources to deliver a professional development initiative. Additionally, a public site can be created as an entry point and marketing vehicle for the program.

The Challenges

  • Design single system to support many and varied users
  • Accommodate output course websites and public facing websites
  • Authenticate with single sign-on systems including JHED (Shibboleth)

Our Approach

  • Create a flexible system that balances robust content creation tools with administrative needs

The Results

  • Tens of thousands of users have earned higher education degrees and professional development certifications


Screenshot of Maryland Learning Links - Powered by the ELC