No.Inc partnered with Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Technology in Education to expand and redevelop its innovative Electronic Learning Community (ELC).  Originally envisioned as a community platform for educators, the system evolved into a full Learning Management System for higher education and professional development. Instructional designers are able to create a collection of courses, interactive experiences, assessments, and resources to deliver a professional development initiative. Additionally, a public site can be created as an entry point and marketing vehicle for the program.

The Challenges

  • Design single system to support many and varied users
  • Accommodate output course websites and public facing websites
  • Authenticate with single sign-on systems including JHED (Shibboleth)

Our Approach

  • Create a flexible system that balances robust content creation tools with administrative needs

The Results

  • Tens of thousands of users have earned higher education degrees and professional development certifications


Screenshot of Maryland Learning Links - Powered by the ELC